BetaAngels is a VC group formed by accomplished entrepreneurs and seasoned investors.

Our standout (and diverse) Core Team is composed of four proven professionals who have worked together for almost a decade, consistently delivering excellent results. Our broader group of fellow investors underpins our far-ranging international network, which greatly enhances the expert insight and business development support we bring to the ventures we back.

To leverage on our rich access to a wide array of unique opportunities, we are generalists. At the same time, we strive to work closely with compelling teams we are well connected to, in geographies and spaces we are familiar with. The starting point to any new opportunity we consider is always a trusted peer.

We operate with maximum transparency, towards our management teams and fellow investors alike. We take pride on the caliber and value of our due diligence as well as the way we support our portfolio companies. Our only marketing is the word-of-mouth and references of those we work closely with. Our Core Team practices “skin in the game” and only does well if our fellow investors do too.

Core Team

Roberto Saint-Malo
Managing Partner

Jim Sheward

Alberto Gross

Christian Hultner

Entrepreneurs We Support

Annie Ryu

Doron Harlev

Ariel Raz

Marc Hostovsky

Nick Zaldastani

David Miles

Leon Amariglio

Juan Alcántara

Jared Cannon

Brian Menell

Carlos R. Vega

Andrés Blank

Ayr Muir

Alberto Rodriguez-Navarro

Shaun Clark

Francisco Andragnes

Jonah Hanig

Our Exits

Morten Wulff

David Mendlovic

Richard Setterwall